Wide Vapor Tight

• UL 5VA Fiberglass housing will not melt or burn.
• Housing features poured-in-place gaskets.
• 120-277V and 347-480VAC Multivolt 0-10V Dimmable Drivers.
• Wash down design protects your lights in demanding environments.
• Entry holes for 1/2” NPT/M20.
• Very durable and easy to clean with captive latch design.
• Stainless steel hardware (Tamper Resistant SS Screws Available).
• High impact resistant acrylic lenses in “Clear” or “Frosted”.
• Ceiling mounts allow 1.25” space for heat dissipation and air flow.

Ideal for parking garages, cold storage, marinas, barns, canopies, car washes,
poultry farms, agricultural applications and other corrosive and wet areas.

2′ Item    Wattage    Lumens
SVW2-080    80W    10,000 lm
SVW2-100    100W    12,500 lm
SVW2-120    120W    15,000 lm
SVW2-140    140W    17,500 lm

4′ Item    Wattage    Lumens
SVW4-080    80W    8,730 lm
SVW4-100    100W    12,000 lm
SVW4-120    120W    15,000 lm
SVW4-140    140W    18,900 lm
SVW4-160    150W    21,600 lm
SVW4-180    180W    24,300 lm
SVW4-205    205W    27,000 lm



SVW4-80-DMV-CL-50   SVW4-100-DMV-CL-50   SVW4-120-DMV-CL-50
SVW4-140-DMV-CL-50   SVW4-160-DMV-CL-50   SVW4-180-DMV-CL-50
SVW4-205-DMV-CL-50   SVW2-80-DMV-CL-50   SVW2-100-DMV-CL-50
SVW2-120W-DMV-CL-50   SVW2-140-DMV-CL-50