"The Beast" High Bay

• 20″ Diameter design provides a large surface area to deliver optimal light output.
• Precision angled LEDs eliminate the discomfort of glare.
• Superior passive cooling engineered for high temperature applications or locations.
• Angle mounted LEDs deliver light distribution similar to traditional HID lamps.
• Choose Wide Angle Polycarbonate or Wide Angle Acrylic drop lens.
• Lens designs evenly distributes light 360˚ and provides 10% uplighting.
• Flat Tempered Glass Lens option is available.
• Built-in (4kV) electrical surge protection.
• Aluminum housing with oven baked white powdered nylon coating.
• Nylon coating increases corrosion resistance and lamp life.
• Universal Bracket and 10 ft. Power Cord Standard.

BL18-170-50-EX-U-WT    170 watts    20,084 Lumens
BL22-215-50-EX-U-WT    215 watts    25,200 Lumens
BL32-368-50-EX-U-WT    368 watts    40,428 Lumens
BL40-419-50-EX-U-WT    419 watts    46,530 Lumens