Design approach

At Solas Ray Lighting we utilize a proprietary “light bullet” in many of our products. The light bullet is an integrated module that consists of an LED, heat sink and lens. The light bullet is simply screwed into the light fixture and plugged into the driver. Everything is modular and changes can be made in an instant. As LED technology evolves, upgrading components is easily done in the field without needing to replace the entire unit.

The light bullet is standard from product to product and thus interchangeable. This modular plug and play system is easily adaptable to many different retrofit situations and housings.

In products that do not utilize the light bullet, modularity is built into the design with quick disconnect plugs and easily accessible components. This allows for simplified maintenance and easy upgrades as technology advances.

State-of-the-Art Technology
At Solas Ray Lighting we strive to use the latest technology in our products. In the world of LEDs, advancements in technology are announced almost daily as manufacturers race to innovate and capture market share.

As improvements are made in LEDs and electronic component technology, we endeavor to be one of the first to market with these advanced components in our products. This allows us to create the brightest, most efficient lighting products possible with the latest technology.

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