Full-Line HazLoc Sell Sheets

Full Line HazLoc Cut Sheets















Our “Flagship” No-Glare Bay Lighting Series . . .

   • American-Made
   • USA Quality
   • Best LED Cooling System
   • Highest Ambient
   • High Lumen Output
   • Low Glare – Soft White Optics
   • Incredible Wide-Area Light Spread
   • 10% Uplight (No Cave Look)  
   • Short Lead Times
Experience high quality commercial & industrial bay lights in the lighting industry.

Significant, Positive changes & enhancements to our High & Low Bay Lighting is a continuous effort to provide and maintain the absolute best Bay Lighting in the industry.

The only way to realize how great our lighting is, is to contact us or one of our many authorized representative agencies, compare side-by-side to any bay light in the market.

Judge & Make the Decision by Performance!

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