Our Wish for You.


OK, 2020 sucked!

2021 is quickly upon us and we will approach it the same way we did a year ago, with high expectations and a keen eye on wide-ranging prosperity.

We all hope for a better new year and this year has a lot riding on it. But hope alone is never enough, it’s simply a fleeting idea that if not backed up with action, is just another thought.

So this year our key initiative will be intention. Our intent this year will be to deliver;

  • Deliver better resources.
  • Deliver a wider product line.
  • Deliver quicker quotes and estimates.
  • Deliver more in-stock product.
  • Deliver confidence in our services.
  • Deliver more successful outcomes for our partners.

We fully intend to be a bigger part of your success in 2021 and our wish for you is health and happiness.

Happy Holidays,

The Solas Ray / RCA Lighting Team