The Boss HazLoc Bay Light

Catalog # HTR161C

This technological achievement could very easily be the absolute toughest Class 1, Division 1 LED Bay light on the planet. It is crush resistant, vibration resistant, pressure tested at 10 meter depth, salt water spray resistant and scores a 17 on the Beaufort wind scale (Ref: a Hurricane scores 12 on the Beaufort Scale). This light fixture should always be first of mind when considering the most violent requirement specifications of a bay, spot, flood, tunnel, bridge, marine or flood light.

• Petroleum Production
• Petroleum Loading and Storage
• Petroleum Transportation
• Retail Petroleum
• Paint Facilities
• Pumping Stations
• Metal Smelting
• Ocean Platform Facilities
• Ocean Platform Structures
• Fine Particle Production
• Foundry and Fabrication

• Mining Operations & Services
• Aerospace Clean Room
• Aerospace Production
• Chemical Production & Storage
• Ocean Vessel Operations
• Military Space Conditions
• Fine Particle Storage
• Food & Distilling Production
• Electrical Power Generation
• Electrical Power Stations