LED Retrofits

There’s two compelling advantages for making the LED Street Light conversion – longer life and lower operating costs. Maintaining the look of a gaslight luminaire is what makes our LED retrofit so appealing to home owners associations, developers, historical sites, estates, parks and retail environments.

Solas Ray LED retrofits offer unique modular solutions to fit any area. For areas such as entryways and intersections that require more illumination, we simply apply the 2-up triple which uses six Cree XPG LEDs. Key features of our retrofit system include a much lower power draw and greatly simplified installation.

Choices: 3 standardized light levels


LED Gas Light Conversions

Q. Do I need an electrician to do my conversion?
A. For the low voltage installation you do not need an electrician. Any handy homeowner or handyman should be able to do this easily. For a normal voltage installation, an electrician is recommended.

Q. What is the most common light ordered?
A. The majority of outdoor decorative post lights in residential areas are 60 watt incandescent bulbs. A triple will be very similar to this. Some post lights are 100 watt bulbs. A 2-up triple (6 LEDs) will be brighter than a 100 watt bulb. A typical gas light is usually quite dim – about the equivalent of a 25 watt incandescent bulb or less, depending on the age of the mantle and the cleanliness of the glass panes. So, your retrofit will be considerably brighter than your existing gas light.

Q. Which is the best lens style to order?
A. For driveway applications, the Flame Lens is usually preferred as it spreads the light sideways a long ways. For patio applications or carriage lights (lights mounted on a house or by the garage), the Mantle Lens is usually preferred as it has a more narrow light spread.

Q. Can I add a photocell?
A. There is a photocell built into one of the components of the product, which is called a driver. To be effective, this part must be mounted on the outside of the post, facing north. If the part is mounted in the pole or other area that does not get sunlight, an additional photocell can be mounted elsewhere.

Q. What color is the light?
A. Our standard color is a warm white, similar to an incandescent bulb.

Q. How long should these lights last?
A. Under normal operating conditions an LED should last 50,000 hours, which is over 10 years in a dusk-to-dawn operation.

Q. What do these lights cost to operate?
A. About $7.00/year dusk-to-dawn for a Triple “Light Engine” in most areas in the Continental US. Note: this is NOT a typo. A Triple runs at only 13 watts. Compare this to a typical gas light costing $300/year or more and you can see there is quite a savings to convert to LED!!