The Scout Tactical Retrofit HazLoc Light






• Extreme ambient temperature capabilities: -65˚C (-85˚F) to 100˚C (212˚F).
• Corrosion proof – Coated marine grade copper free aluminum housing.
• Extreme vibration / Anti-resonance design is ideal for bridges & boats.
• Harsh wind proof – Beaufort scale 17 (Hurricane = 12).
• Waterproof at IP 67/68 and salt water spray resistant.
• High pressure tolerance up to 1000M depth (Special Order).
• Special fluorocarbon chemical coatings are available.
• UV light removal filters available – for locations that require no UV.
• High impact tolerant, crush resistant housing.
• Impact resistant tempered Glass >4 Joule.
• COB – Chip on Board LED light engines for high efficacy.
• 5-Year limited warranty

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