The Backer HazLoc Linear Light

Dependable lighting in hazardous locations is a must. In some instances there may be a loss of AC power and in that case an instant on battery back-up fixture is a must.

Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is sound advise. The Backer, battery back-up linear light meets Class 1, Division 1 and 2 requirements providing 9,600 operational lumens and 730 lumens in back-up mode.

Featuring best in class system efficacy up to 120 Lm/ w and a back-up running time of 90 minutes. A wide ambient temperature range from -20˚C to 48˚C also has a T6 temperature rating that safely and reliably transfers heat away from light. Vibration resistant engineering, corrosion resistance, copper-free aluminum body and solder-less board connections makes this one tough fixture that always has your back.




Mining Sites
Heavy Industries
Storage Facility
Paper Mills
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Loading Docks
Chemical Processing Facility
Petrochemical Processing Facility