Germicidal Recessed Troffers

Direct air and surface sterilization of DNA-based contaminants.
• Mounts flush with lay-in ceiling grid or plaster ceilings (Type E & Type M).
• 2’ x 4’ units can use two fluorescent and two germicidal lamps, or four germicidal lamps per fixture.
• 1’ x 4’ unit uses two germicidal lamps.
• Germicidal lamps are 254 nm / 12,000 hour life. (less then 8mg of mercury/lamp)
• Lamps are well shielded for vision safety.
• Spectrally-polished reflectors maximize UVC output.
• “Egg-crate” louver allows UVC energy to pass and additional reflectivity.


• Hospitals
• Prisons
• Clinics
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
• Clean Rooms
• Laboratories
• Testing Facilities
• Institutional Buildings
• Areas requiring clean upper air treatment for occupants.