"The Beast E2" High Heat Corrosion Resistant High Bay

• Die-cast aluminum alloy housing with built-in cooling fins.
• Proprietary DOB (Driver On Board) LED modules – FIELD REPLACEABLE.
• Flat tempered glass lens sealed with specialized silicone rubber gasket.
• Black Corrosion resistant PVDF (Polivinylidene Fluoride Finish).
– flame resistance holds up to high temperatures.
– chemical and abrasion resistance for harsh industrial conditions.
– provides UV stability and seal for hardware connections.
• All hardware and Cable Gland are stainless steel.
• Multilayered lens gasket and lens clasp boots composed of silicone rubber.
• AWM style 4476 power cord is rated 600v and 200˚C.
• Power cord is silicone rubber sealed inside the Cable Gland.
• Cord acceptable latching hook and safety cable standard.
• Ships ready to use by elevating mounting bracket and re-securing pins.
• Stainless steel nameplate with QR code for product registration.
• 1,000 hour salt-fog test [ASTM B117-19/ASTM D610-08(2019)] yielded no corrosion.


Model Number           Watts           CCT           Voltage           Lumens           Efficacy
DBL-210-50-120V-UBSS 210 watts 5000K 120vAC 20,706 lm 95 lm/w
DBL-210-50-277V-UBSS 210 watts 5000K 277vAC 20,706 lm 95 lm/w
DBL-210-50-347V-UBSS 210 watts 5000K 347vAC 20,706 lm 95 lm/w
DBL-210-50-480V-UBSS 210 watts 5000K 480vAC 20,706 lm 95 lm/w
DBL-350-50-120V-UBSS 350 watts 5000K 120vAC 35,000 lm 98.6 lm/w
DBL-350-50-277V-UBSS 350 watts 5000K 277vAC 35,000 lm 98.6 lm/w
DBL-350-50-347V-UBSS 350 watts 5000K 347vAC 35,000 lm 98.6 lm/w
DBL-350-50-480V-UBSS 350 watts 5000K 480vAC 35,000 lm 98.6 lm/w