Integrated LED Tubes

These Integrated LED tubes are stand-alone tubes that mount anywhere and can be wired in a continuous run. This item provides incredible performance over a very long period of time. Ideal solution to be applied anywhere a single fluorescent tube was used with the added advantage of in-line wiring. The perfect fit for recessed areas where light is needed but not to be seen. This is truly a performance-based, energy efficient integrated tube with energy costs markedly lower than fluorescent. Key features include infinite mounting capabilities from nothing to magnets to tape and comes with a frosted diffused lens. Comes in 2 foot and 4 foot lengths. – this is a cool fixture/tube.


  • Lumen output: 2 foot – 1,080 lumens (81 lm/w)
  • Lumen output: 4 foot – 2,060 lumens (83 lm/w)