HazLoc Low Bay “The mini Beast”

• 14″ Diameter design delivers optimal light output to large surface areas.
Class 1 Division 2 – Groups A, B, C, D (Flammable Gases & Vapors).
Class 2 Division 2 – Groups F, G (Combustible Dusts).
• Ambient temperature capabilities: -40˚ C to 65˚C (149˚F).
• Passive cooling radiator design for high temperature applications / locations.
• Corrosion proof – Coated aluminum alloy housing.
• Gray nylon corrosion resistant powder coat.
• Angle mounted COB LEDs for high efficacy and lighting in all directions.

HL06-55 watts 6,061 Lumens
HL12-104 watts 13,011 Lumens
HL16-170 watts 19,058 Lumens