Round Flat Top Bollards

These durable, round dome topped LED Bollards are designed and
produced to provide uniform ambient lighting while accenting any
landscape or location.

This round bollard provides low glare to a wide area and compared to
HID bollard lighting, is truly cost-effective pathway lighting for retail
centers, industrial parks, schools and universities, public transit and
airports, office buildings and medical facilities.

Item      Wattage      Voltage      Kelvin
BQFT-015-30-X-U      15w      120-277v      3000K
BQFT-015-40-X-U      15w      120-277v      4000K
BQFT-015-50-X-U      15w      120-277v      5000K
BQFT-015-AM-X-U      15w      120-277v      AMBER
Note: Includes Mounting kit with 8˝ anchor bolts)



BQFT-015-30-III-GL-U     BQFT-015-40-III-GL-U
BQFT-015-50-III-GL-U     BQFT-015-30-V-GL-U
BQFT-015-40-V-GL-U     BQFT-015-50-V-GL-U